Going 1:1

Going 1:1 - Week 3

Going 1:1 – Weekly update This week has been heavily focused on infrastructure, staff and student training. I have been also been faced with the difficult question of “All in” or “Staggered” and an insight into a test trial from another school that I am going to test in mine. Infrastructure This is paramount, without
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Going 1:1 week 2

This week has included a visit to a school, Speaking to a school in USA that went 1:1 3 years ago and surveying students and teachers as impact on learning, change in practise and how they are being used in lessons. School visit. School are just over a year in and this year’s year 7
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Going 1:1 Week 1

This is my weekly post about going 1:1. I have posted this on Google+ on the GEG UK Community. So I am currently looking at 1:1 devices for our school. We are a large secondary teaching 11-18 year olds. This week I have been chatting with a school in Missouri USA, that went 1:1 3
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