Global Classrooms – Bett Talk & Beyond

BETT 2017

I applied to deliver a session at the Google Teaching theatre at the Excel in London. This was my first session delivering to an audience. My talk was about Global Classrooms and connecting students internationally.

This has been one of missions for the last couple of years. Getting students connected via the internet to others all over the Globe. I guess for me this mission is to enhance the learning of students not only from my own class but from those that we connect with. The stereotypes that our students have based on what they hear in the media or from their family and friends need challenging and what better way then to speak to people their own age in other countries.

The journey started with my sixth form, we connected with a class and had 20 questions to try and find their location. The hardest part of this for us was that our knowledge of the states in America and their knowledge of rural England was quite lacking but this is an excellent activity for students of all age groups, I would definitely recommend it but without telling students which country and see how close they get within the 20 questions.

The talk I delivered at Bett was specifically about the project I did with Maths. Connecting 500 students and run a data handling project with them all but included all the parts of the collaborations that we have worked on since that first one but there are so many different things you could do with it and so many different countries to explore.

The pinnacle of this whole project is that we are about to send a student to one of the schools we connected with in the USA. We hope this will be an exchange and a student will return to us in July so I will update how this goes.

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