Global Collaboration Network

So I am embarking on a mission to make the world a smaller place. I have taken part in a small project that an American teacher of World History started and set up and now I am looking to take a similar project on board and get students from around the world sharing their learning journeys with each other. Between now and Easter two year groups will be taking part in a data handling project in Maths. So I decided why not capture some data about our students using GAFE and then gather the same data about students from all over the world. This seems like the logical next step from mystery caller to actually connecting classrooms.

The reason why it is a project and not a network is simple. I want to continue the connection long after the project has finished. I want to share these connections with other colleagues and link other subjects across the world. Why look in a book or on a web page when you could ask a student leaving in that part of the world to take a photo, capture a short video or complete an experiment that can’t be done where you are.

This level of collaboration bring classrooms alive and gives students the opportunity to talk to other students in other schools that wouldn’t be possible without it.

If you are interested in taking part in this then drop me an email.

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