Going 1:1 Week 1

This is my weekly post about going 1:1. I have posted this on Google+ on the GEG UK Community.

So I am currently looking at 1:1 devices for our school. We are a large secondary teaching 11-18 year olds.

This week I have been chatting with a school in Missouri USA, that went 1:1 3 years ago having been a Windows laptop based school prior to that.

I asked a teacher their if they would survey staff and students about how using a Chromebook has changed their working, how much they use them in a day and what they do differently to how they learnt before.

Students talked mainly about instant research, collaboration with their friends and also Global Collaboration (This is how I found this school).

The staff also talked about immediate, independent research, Getting tasks setup with Google Classroom, and the most important one for me has to be the levelling of the playing field. Students that have dyslexia, lower reading ages and many other learning needs find they can keep up with their counterparts using the tools on their device.

Next week I am visiting a Google Reference School that are 1:1 and introduced Chromebooks one and a half years ago and researching about levelling the gap and what infrastructure we would need.

I will post how I get on next Sunday.

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