Going 1:1 week 2

This week has included a visit to a school, Speaking to a school in USA that went 1:1 3 years ago and surveying students and teachers as impact on learning, change in practise and how they are being used in lessons.
School visit.
School are just over a year in and this year’s year 7 are 100% uptake in the scheme.

Students I spoke to talked about their ability to:
– Instant Research
– Type quicker than they can write
– Link Documents – Ability to connect notes that are taken weeks apart
– H/W online and independent study
– Being Organised with Calendar
– Digital Exercise books.
– Using Geogebra in a maths lesson to visualise simultaneous equations and deepen understanding

USA School
Students responses were similar but added.
– Global Collaboration – which they love
– No need to carry books
– Instant feedback
– Keep up with peers – SEN students
– All resources are shared electronically
– Text books are all digitised
– Level playing field for students.

Personal Observations and thoughts
– Infrastructure is fundamentally important in school – WiFi, Capacity of line
– Policies need adapting for technology not technology fitting policies designed for books.
– Invest time for staff with devices.
– Get staff to buy-in and redesign SOW to encourage technology

The potential of Chromebooks or any 1:1 device is huge. The students at the school that I spoke to also had a list of 40 things teachers could do with Chromebooks in their lessons and whilst having ideas are great and suggestions can often seem simple it is the time needed to change practise and embed something in your teaching that is the hardest part.

When I deliver training in my school I follow the 20:80 model. 20% of time being instructional and 80% ‘play time’ Staff really appreciate the ability to try things out, ask questions at any level and even share with each other as they discover something. Finish with a feedback to each other at the end on what they found.

I believe that staff training is really important and having complete the educator level 1&2 and trainer accreditation there are lots of skills and ideas that are missed without them. We are training a number of staff to do the level 1 over the next few weeks.

Next week
– Hangout with another school that is on their 1:1 journey
– Looking at a basic level training for all staff and students with mini projects to complete
– What to look for in a device?
– Finance options?

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