GSuite Maths – Data Handling

If you don’t want to connect internationally then why not just get your own students using technology to get away from the laborious side of the data handling project. Giving them ownership of their work and allowing them to create something from scratch and capture their own data is far better than looking as some random questions about Ashley calculating probabilities about the post coming through the letter box before 9:00am!

Lesson Preparation

  1. Create a Questionnaire as an example for the students
  2. Create a Google Sheet with the following
    • Column A – Student Names
    • Column B – URLs – Come clear later
    • Transpose Class register in rest of columns
    • Share Sheet with Students but no need to notify them

So here is the plan of what I am getting students to do:

  1. Create a questionnaire in Google Forms – at least 10 questions
    • Quantitative – Numerical Data
    • Qualitative – Non numerical Data
  2. Make it interesting and add pictures/ colour
  3. Share the URLs of the class in the Google Sheet – Column B
    • Get them to share a shortened url
  4. Students then complete all other students questionnaires
  5. Peer assess the questionnaires – scores in the rest of the Google Sheet

So this is where you can decide depending on ability what the students do with their data.

What you can do next:

  • Google Sheet
    • Class sheet
    • Average Scores – Mean, median, mode (average function) range
    • Rank students either on total scores or an average.
    • Individual Sheet Form Responses
    • ‘Fix’ data – eg idk, don’t know, i don’t know need to be the same response
    • Create Charts for their data
  • Google Slides
    • Present data collected from Questionnaire
    • How to find averages – slide for each one
    • How to create a chart in sheets
    • How to draw charts by hand
    • Why they chose the questions
    • What they found out about their class
  • Google Maps
    • If relevant import data into Google maps/ my maps to create map pins of locations eg favourite holiday destination

If you do use this and or change anything then let me know and I will happily share it.

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