Happy New Year

So my first post of the year and it is already February. It seems as though January was an incredibly busy month so I will detail the activities I have been up to during the first month of the year.

January Planning

So planning is always a huge part of every teacher’s time and adding to this was my decision to deliver a talk at BETT 2017 and arrange a Teach Meet to showcase EdTech in action within a week of each other. Oh and not forgetting a visit by the Google Pioneer Program for an EdTech day the same day as the Teach Meet. I must have been mad to think this would work.

BETT 2017

So I applied to deliver a talk on the Google Teaching theatre at Europe’s largest trade show. I was talking about¬†Global Classrooms. This was my pet project last year and has continued this year. I had delivered a similar talk at the EDU on Air event in November but this seemed very different. Standing in front of an audience of teachers, students,¬†school leaders and others connected with education from all over Europe had a different take to sitting at home with a web cam.

The talk went really well and I will share my resources on a separate post later but I gained another couple of teachers that are interested in connecting classrooms from Sweden. Really looking forward to talking political Geography, currencies and Capitals with students from Sweden.

EdTech Day

Google Pioneer Program came along for the day and we gave 12 classes an opportunity to go on a virtual field trip. What an amazing experience for the students and the ability to travel to places that they wouldn’t be able to go to normally. We had students visiting the streets and stadiums of Brazil, a look at the journey of Raspberries through the digestive system, looking at the solar system from space, visiting museums in Berlin, the streets of France and the offices of Google in Mount view USA. Students had an immersive experience being able to look in all directions with the Google Expedition app and Google Cardboard.

Student feedback was really positive so this is something I am looking into making a permanent feature of our students learning.

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