My Experiment on feedback

At the heart of every lesson is the need to have a two way dialogue with our students. The need to tell them what they got right and the parts that they need to work on. I have tried a number of approaches that have seem to work for a short while but then the students stop replying to the comments. They ignore what is written and just move on as if there was nothing ever written there.

So my plan and experiment is to try and speak to 3 or 4 students every lesson in every class. Whilst the class is working actually sit down and go through their books/ their work and discuss with them what is going well and what isn’t and give them some time to actually have a dialogue with me.

The major issues that I see are

  1. Not enough time to speak to the students
  2. Not enough time to speak to enough students
  3. Finding a suitable task that the rest of the class can work on whilst I am having these conversations with the students

The massive positives that I see are:

  1. Individual feedback that students understand
  2. Opportunity for students to speak about areas of concern
  3. Chance to challenge students on their work
  4. Go through all students work with them so that they can’t ignore the feedback.

I will post how it goes this week and plan how to improve it going forward.


Wish me luck

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