So I am standing at the door of opportunity with 2 current paths to choose from and in a total quandary of which way to turn. The situation is made far more complicated by the fact the two directions are far apart and have massively different rewards. Couple this with increasing pressures at home to increase our income and this makes the choice far more complicated.

So what to do and will there be regrets for taking on over the other. I suppose that being happy with the decision and the job has to be top priority. So what if both have potential to make you really happy? What if the opportunities that come from the back of it are so wildly different but what will the future hold? How do I know what is around the corner? Tried and tested approach or a more advanced but riskier approach for a route to the top?

This is a massive quandary and not having a crystal ball is making it really difficult. I guess the simple answer is live for the here and now and not worry about what the future might bring.


So the difficult decision about what to do has been made. I feel like mastermind, “I’ve started so I’ll finish”. I have started a project and have only just to scratch the surface so I need to keep going. I have only taught year 13 this year so in order to ensure that I am in the best possible place going forward it seems to be the best option. If I hadn’t been contacted I wouldn’t have applied so this opportunity has to be let go but this has made me think that I need to plan about the future and think what is it that I want from my next post and without going through the ache and stress of this process. Time to start consolidating what I have done and get things together.

Plan and preparation.

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