Tip of the Week

Sharing Files

  • Share a folder with your department and add files to it rather than sharing more and sending emails of each one
    • It is easier to keep organised and can be accessed from anywhere
  • When sharing a file click on the notify box to stop it from sending an email. This allows you to put the link somewhere (e.g. notices) without everyone getting an email.
  • As Departments use the Departmental google account to store resources for the whole department
  • When sharing a link to a file replace the end “/view=” or “/edit=” with copy. This will make a copy of people rather than editing your original. Great for templates, pro forma.

Start of the term saw a number of files being shared that all related to a single thing. The start of term. Different people sent emails relating to content that either had been delivered or needed forwarding to students as they arrived. 3 different people lots of different content. 1 simpler solution. A start of the term folder. Someone take ownership of it and share it allowing staff to view the contents and other members of leadership team editing rights to add to it. Sounds simple doesn’t it. Well it actually is.

A week goes by and then an enrichment day lands upon us. This is a day when normal lessons are collapsed and the year groups are split into a number of different activities for the day and different groups of students and staff do completely different things. Lots of information, lots of emails, and then fun and games the day before when a student asks which group are they in for their activity? “What was that email called as I don’t remember off the top of my head.”

So my tip of the week really is about being organised and do some joined up thinking. Share a folder and then just update whatever notice board (virtual or real) if you need to direct people.

Advanced Tip

Use a site to host all of the information if relevant for students and staff to view and update and link to folder on it!

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